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If you just want to start the game and have a LAN or single player game, it will force you to download the latest patches before you can play – regardless whether or not the patch is 100MB or 1.8GB (yes, 1.8GB patches do exist).
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This includes parents, professionals and young people themselves.

Visits happen weekly and usually last for about 6 months, but this can change to suit the needs of each child.

Be wary if someone has fewer than 100 friends or no photos, and question whether they're own picture looks genuine. is an organization devoted to creating healthy relationships and providing support and information to those looking for it.The website and their 24-hour live chat line are confidential! is an online sex education and support organization created for teens and young adults.You can find information on how sex and sexual health relates to you.Worth checking that their photos have other people in them who are tagged, and that they're tagged in other people's photos.