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In my solution I'm adding a lot of new entries into my table and deleting old ones.

If you were to look over my data ID's they would be something like 1,3,45,78,88,89,103,140,219.

But , when i am trying to update the Order ID, i get the following error: Cannot update identity column 'Order ID' If you're doing this in stored procedure, use SET IDENTITY_INSERT ON before the update statement and put it back to off once update is done by SET IDENTITY_INSERT OFFif you're doing update in DTS by means of export then check option "Enable identity insert".

An identity column has a name, initial seed and step.

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The identity also shows the order in which the rows were inserted.

Say we were to reseed an Identity Column on a Table on Server A (for whatever reason), how would this affect the data on Server B?

My intuition would say that the data on Server A will use the newly seeded Identity, and that would be sent over to Server B as-is (and Server B would have content using the new Identity), but I'm not sure if this is correct.

We can find the current identity seed by using The table has not changed but we can see from the checkident that the current seed has been changed and we know that this is used to generate the next value.

Note: The next value is the step added to the current seed; not one more than the max value in the table, or even the step from the last or maximum value.