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So just like with our cell phones last month, and car insurance and home phone service this month, we set out to tackle the TV portion of this outrageous bill all in the spirit of challenging everything. Well, I’ll let my wife answer that part: That’s reason #1 :) Obviously outside of my control, unless I fancy myself a divorce.

True confessions of an online dating addict

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I watched her walk down the street in the blazing sunshine feeling proud at yet another conquest, bemused that I was letting such an amazing woman walk away and fully committed to the next encounter.

I'm sensitive; to people, places, sounds, everything.

I took every photo with my head turned slightly to the right, exposing the side I believed to represent the truest version of me.

So I Googled Amy Klein, read some of her stuff, then sent her a handful of questions via email. Her answers reveal more about her background and helped me appreciate how Klein came to be a 42-year-old trying to conceive for the first time. So far, most people have left fairly positive comments on this week’s and last week’s column in Motherlode, and many have written to me through my website as well offering me encouragement and their own happy endings.

Discovering how to use this sensitivity to my advantage was key to getting what I wanted with women.

I'd walk up to the best-looking woman in the street and nervously start talking.

This carried over into my first online profiles for and Plenty Of Fish, which are perfect examples of the internalized homophobia and insecurities that coerced me to fabricate a different version of myself.

I spent most of my early 20’s living with this digital version of myself.