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The skill test will be taken in the same aircraft class of type that the student has been trained in.

The skill test must be taken within 6 months of completing the PPL (A) course.

The licence holder must also have made 12 takeoff and landings and completed a flight of no less than 1 hour with an instructor which must be signed off in their log book. I f the requirements cannot be met then a proficiency check must be taken with an examiner within the 3 months prior to expiry.

Your EASA PPL(A) is a lifetime licence which means it doesn’t need any administrative action to keep it.

To renew your SEP(land) rating you need to pass a proficiency check with an examiner who will require a ‘ready for test’ certificate signed by a Registered Training Facility (until 8 April 2015) or Approved Training Organisation, which may mean having to complete refresher training with them first.

General The UK IMC rating is designed as a 'get you out of trouble' qualification and not as a replacement for the IR The UK IMC rating may not be placed onto an EASA licence.

Lyneham Flying Club has several people who can perform this test.

(Roger Milburn, John Warman, Graham Stokes, David Jones & Robert Miller).

UK QMP must undertake the Training Sortie with a UK Military Instructor.Ratings within your licence may need revalidating or renewing in order to keep them valid.For example, your PPL(A) may include a SEP(land) rating that allows you to fly a non-complex aeroplane defined in the Single Engine Piston (land) category class.This will have all the privileges and restrictions of a UK IMC rating, but will be valid in suitable UK registered aircraft whether EASA or non-EASA The revalidation/renewal requirements of the UK IMC rating shall apply to the IR (Restricted) rating The use of the UK IMC rating / IR (Restricted) is confined to UK airspace only The UK IMC Rating / IR (Restricted) can not be put on a LAPL.Holders of a UK IMC Rating / IR (Restricted) who elect to regrade to a LAPL will have the IMC Rating / IR (Restricted) removed as the LAPL is a VFR only EASA licence Experience Requirements An applicant for an UK IMC rating must have: (a) 25 hours total experience as pilot of aeroplanes following PPL(A) issue and which may include the training for the UK IMC rating (b) 10 hours as PIC of aeroplanes to include 5 hours as PIC of aeroplanes on cross country flights (c) a UK issued Flight Radiotelephony Operators Licence (FRTOL) Flight Training Completed at least 15 hours dual instrument flying training.It is only valid with an unexpired EASA or JAA class one or two medical certificate.