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119, or equivalently that the price of a yen in relation to dollars is /119.

Premji sued over dating

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A handful of frugal billionaires appear on our list of the richest people on earth, and each one has his own penny-pinching habits.

From eating lunch in the office cafeteria with their employees to residing in homes worth a fraction of their wealth, these seven self-made billionaires — many of whom are also generous philanthropists — know the secret to keeping their net worths high.

I have no idea if this latest story is a result of some of that scrutiny, but a class action lawsuit has been filed against by users of the service who claimed that the company was quite misleading with its own stats.

Of specific concern is the actual number of users touted by Match, who (the plaintiffs claim) leaves "dead" accounts on the system just so it can boost its numbers.

A dating allowance would ideally be meant for singles, but in this case it seemed to be given to a married man.Buffett also has a decidedly low-brow palate, known not just for investing in junk-food purveyors like Burger King, Dairy Queen, and Coca-Cola, but also for filling up on them as well.The Buffett diet includes five Cokes a day, as well as Cheetos and potato chips.Sandhya Menon Thought an office cricket match or a rather generous entertainment allowance was enough of an HR initiative to get your work force going?If you are answer is yes, then you are probably safe.Net worth: .7 billion The “Oracle of Omaha” is one of the wisest and most frugal billionaires around.