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Well, most modern Operating System imaging solutions include an off-network or offline option that will allow you image PCs regardless of their network connectivity.Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) is no exception.But just like any other OS deployment solution, additional considerations must be made in order to optimize this process in your environment.First, you need to determine what operating systems and applications need to be made available in the offline media package.I always Shut Down rather than rebooting because I don’t want to miss the window in which I need to hit F12 to trigger the PXE boot to capture the image.If the post-Sys Prep boot initiates there’s a risk that the Sys Prep rearm count will be incremented, which is rather undesirable. ) re-editing a set of posts created a while ago: “Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 Beta 1: Using MDT to Prepare, Install and Capture Customized Windows 7 Images”: Part I, Part II and Part III. Within those posts we had the chance to review some step-by-step procedures to create customized images of Windows 7, including Microsoft Office 2007 and achieve an automatic deployment; using always the Beta version of Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010. Wait for the process to complete and click on “Finish”. Select the “Destination directory name” and click on “Next”.

What if you have an entire office of machines that need to be imaged?One of the coolest options we can find in Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 (and in most of Microsoft platforms) is the idea of designing the User Interface as places to find everything you need to know about what to do next. “Getting Started”: All the steps involved to get MDT 2010 functional. In the MDT Console, right click on “Deployment Shares” and select “New Deployment Share”. Here’s a message you will see when you try to run the UDI launcher: As for all the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit versions, the installation is a straight forward procedure: Just download, execute the installer and complete the installation wizard. Once installed, we can access any of the components from the “Start Menu”. Select a folder where you want to store all the binaries (applications, operating system, etc.) MDT will use. Will you be using more than one version of Windows? Which applications are you prepared to install manually (one-offs)? Next, configure your MDT Task sequence or sequences in a manner consistent with your network policies to ensure consistency in your environment.