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starred in a half-hour HBO special as part of the stand-up series One Night Stand. Unlike his previous specials—which had all been produced for television networks—Hilarious was produced independently, directed by C. himself, and sold to Epix and Comedy Central after it was complete. As of December 21, 2011, the sales of the special from C. K.'s character is calling to promote a gig in Kansas City. He also worked with Robert Smigel on TV Funhouse shorts exclusively for Saturday Night Live, with topics ranging from politics to surrealism.

Like Hilarious, it was produced independently and directed by C. However, unlike his earlier work, it was distributed digitally on the comedian's website, foregoing both physical and broadcast media. At the end of the special, the release of a new album, recorded at Carnegie Hall the previous year, is mentioned. It is also sold and distributed using the same model as C. Lucky Louie is described as a bluntly realistic portrayal of family life. He was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for writing on his 2008 special, Chewed Up. The film was co-directed by Chris Renaud of the Despicable Me series, and was released on July 8, 2016. In the Louie episode "Barney / Never", Opie, Anthony, and Norton (along with comedian Amy Schumer) play the on-air talent of a stereotypical wacky morning radio program into which C. has been an occasional guest on The Bob & Tom Show, a showcase for comedians. innovated direct-to-consumer distribution of his and others' work, selling tickets via his website in DRM-free format. It doesn't make sense to me that you'd have the same solution to every issue." He sent an e-mail to those subscribed to his mailing list in March 2016, criticizing then-U. Republican Party presidential election candidate Donald Trump, likening him to Adolf Hitler and calling him an "insane bigot," but added "He's not a monster.

A woman saying yes to a date with a man is literally insane, and ill-advised,” he says (see video at right). Globally and historically, we’re the number one cause of injury and mayhem to women. ” He goes on to make an apt analogy: “If you’re a guy, imagine you could only date a half-bear-half-lion. I hope he doesn’t do what he’s .’” The bit is funny, but it’s also tragically on point. More than 42 percent of female rape victims were first raped before age 18, and nearly 30 percent of female rape victims were first raped between the ages of 11 and 17.

“How do women still go out with guys, when you consider the fact that there is greater threat to women than men? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in five U. And yet we continue to treat victims with skepticism, shift blame onto them, and publicly shame them because of their victimization.

life can get very difficult, very sad, very upsetting, but you don’t have to do it. because you can kill yourself.” The audience might be laughing, but I watched the first 10 minutes without even a nervous chuckle, amazed at the sheer discomfort C. K.’s usual style (with a rueful grin and plenty of half-hearted chuckles to indicate that he’s mostly kidding), and him running headlong at a tricky subject is hardly out of the ordinary. has spent years wondering about the sad minutiae of life: why we do what we do, why we say what we say, why relationships function the way they do, and why children (particularly his children) think so differently. wonders why we invoke our dead relatives as “looking down on us” from heaven, joking that they should be liberated from such petty concerns having departed the mortal coil. tried releasing his specials online rather than going through established channels like HBO or Comedy Central, he explained that he was bypassing a system that no longer seemed very interested in airing stand-up anymore. frames his jokes as an actual inquisition into the human condition, a way to understand why people keep soldiering on in the face of hardships, big and small.

“You’re not supposed to talk about suicide,” he says. The whole world is made of people who didn’t kill themselves today ... It’s genuinely surprising stuff that will probably get largely overlooked, because it’s delivered in C.

begins with the closest thing the stripped-down comedian can get to visual spectacle: the sight of him in a suit. Then, in another departure, he launches into some very prepared material. At the beginning of 2010’s , arguably the apex of his stand-up career, he takes the stage unceremoniously and opens with, “hello, everybody,” then spends two minutes deconstructing the pointlessness of the term “everybody.” In 2011’s , C. “I think you should not get an abortion unless you need one.

K.’s latest stand-up special is living proof of why comedy clubs enforce a two-drink minimum. K.: 2017,” Louis forewent his usual jeans and old T-shirt in favor of a two-piece navy suit.Audrie Pott and Rehtaeh Parsons, both 15 years old, were gang raped by young men who proceeded to take photos of the assaults and circulate them widely through the Internet and at the girls’ schools.Unable to escape the digital trail of their rapes and endless ridicule by their peers, both girls ultimately took their own lives.Whenever I have a big dilemma, like this is a big problem in my life, she always says, ' Wow, you're going to have to figure that out.' Louis C. If you're a cartoon character or most TV characters, sure, you'll fight, because the punches are juicy-sounding and they don't leave marks. But in real life, if somebody punches you in the eye, it doesn't make any noise and your eye is swollen for, like, six months. What’s the argument against ending it all right now?