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Last August, we announced the availability of the Excel REST API on Microsoft Graph.We continue to explore opportunities for new scenarios and functionality that allows for deeper and richer integration with Excel workbooks.I've tried two methods, one that uses a named range and another that creates a range based on the furthest row,column. I watch the commands being built in the debugger and all the variables are getting set correctly. If I look at the sheet I could clearly see that row should be 214 and the column 20. It's a real mystery why step 3 completely ignores the .clear command. However my , Specail Cells Code still “Worked” remembering the last Used Range.... Special Cells(xl Cell Type Blanks) – But again this is just throwing in another wild direction for You to be thinking about!!

You can update it by double-clicking the cell, making no changes, and then press Enter, but this can be very tedious.Hi, I have some code that is supposed to find the last row and column with data and clear the contents. Find("*", searchorder:=xl By Columns, Search Direction:=xl Next). I used your lines in step 2 and it did not find the last column and last row. Some things reset this memory and some things do not! As a workaround, I calculate the range and set the value to double quote "". ) you will see what I mean and maybe from my conclusions get some idea. Specialcells which appeared mostly at its upper limit to be bound by the Last Used Range upper limit. If I get any further I will post here further here ...Normally, this works, but there are circumstances when this code (see step 3) does not clear the contents. Clear End If End Sub Last Row With Data = Target Worksheet. Find("*", searchorder:=xl By Rows, Search Direction:=xl Next). Instead it read the last row as 1 and the last column as 1. Similarly some things work using the last Used Range and some things automatically update or refresh this memory so that they or following commands looking to find last rows or columns, etc. It's seems sloppy to code this way but for now it works. But you will also see that I did not really get to fully understand it. If I manually removed all entries I then had no Used range. - As you will see from my ramblings at that Thread, there were exceptions to the rules. Up until now most of my Googling just gave answers like “VBA” behaves badly or does not handle well or consistently it’s memory of The last Used Range.” Not much help to us! Here was one google: Excel Developer Tip: Automatically Resetting the Last Cell Alan. Another last “Wild” thought – If you are looking / playing with “empty cells” you may find that looking for “” would give different results as looking for . This also works if they are deleting data, but that’s not common in this type of situation. Name = n End Sub When a user goes to the My Data worksheet and updates data and returns to the main worksheet, the worksheet deactivate routine calls the routine to update the range reference and its associated name.I use Excel 2010, any suggestions would be appreciated. Find("*", searchorder:=xl By Rows, Search Direction:=xl Previous). Column Else Last Row With Data = 1 Last Column With Data = 1 End If '================== ' Step 3 '================== 'Clear the data 'Research: Sometimes these clear commands don't work. If value = 1 there's no data, only a header Range(Range To Clear). This clears the data and replaces it with "" just fine so I know it's able to read the range correctly. It appears the only thing I can do is read the value of the cells and change the value of the cells. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners.