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Latest official release of GCC from the Min GW project is GCC 3.4.5. A more detailed technical breakdown is coming soon, after the beta release. For information upstream GNU GCC's development, please see GCC Development Plan and GCC Releases.Latest official testing release of GCC from the Min GW project is gcc-4.3.0-20080502-mingw32-alpha. Various improvements have been made to GCC on Windows, but major unsolved problems remain. In the future, the plan is to release early and often, even if things are in a suboptimal state.I follow the recipe *meticulously*, but despite this fact my resulting product always ends up tasting like yeast.The items always look great and look as succulent as you'd expect, but they always, always, always have a very "yeasty" taste to them. Don't pre-prepare the yeast and just add it to the flour mixture?There's some last minute problems with the build that need to be ironed out, and unfortunately the complete build/test cycle takes a very long time, more than 12 hours.

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Danny Smith has posted an e-mail (reference missing) saying that GCC 4.1.2 is very near to release quality because many of the fixes made for GCC 4.2 were backported to it. id=27650 Throwing exception objects across dll/exe boundaries (more info needed!

To compile and link your Win32 executables under Linux you need a cross compiler.

Luckily Min GW already provides all that is required.

Often e-mail programs and web browsers have the ability to display RSS feeds. Many Bit Torrent clients support RSS feeds for broadcatching (see Comparison of Bit Torrent clients).

With the rise of Cloud computing, some cloud based services offer feed aggregation.