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Crystalens® gives aging eyes the visual acuity of young healthy eyes, and has had an excellent success rate in patients who have had crystalens® implanted.

The crystalens® implant works in much the same way as your natural lens.

Tecnis is the first intraocular lens designed specifically to improve the functional vision of older drivers who undergo cataract surgery.

Functional vision is the ability to see objects clearly under varying levels of light and in conditions such as rain, snow, fog and at night.

New lenses offer good vision at all distances – near, far and in between.

The Crystalens is the first and only intraocular lens replacement that focuses like the eye’s natural lens, allowing for continuous vision up close, far away, and all distances in between.Traditional intraocular lenses have a spherical optical design, meaning the front surface is uniformly curved from the center of the lens to its periphery. Like multifocal IOLs, it is also used for visual correction after the removal of a cataract lens.The best intraocular lens for you depends on many factors, including your lifestyle and your specific visual needs.The following is an overview of premium IOLs currently that are FDA-approved for use by cataract surgeons in the United States.With Crystalens, for the first time, patients will potentially have the opportunity to experience the freedom of seeing well at all distances without glasses.