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Statistics are scattered, and few solid figures exist.

But since the fall of the Taliban regime in late 2001, prostitution has become, if not more widespread, at least more open...

These countries were chosen in order to be inclusive of major religions, geographical regions, and policies towards prostitution.

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At that point I was having these thoughts that I could just… I thought about getting a job, going to Argentina until the money ran out. And I was wearing what most people just wear in their normal life in a city: jeans, flats, T-shirts. And actually, I traveled without any type of guidebook, so… I’d show up in a town and not know anything about it, not have a map, and I’d ask someone to take me to the main plaza, and I’d find a place to stay. Yeah, I love that really pleasantly lonely feeling that mountains give you. I was never really homesick for New York, which was unexpected; I was never like, I want to be back in my apartment. At one point i was in this small town in Bolivia and hanging out a hostel for awhile because I liked the owners and was helping them do stuff. Food really represents stuff while you’re gone for a long time, though. And I had those moments, in certain places when I was just like, “I’m here and I don’t know anyone and I can’t find anyone to talk to.” Even when I’d talk to my friends back home, it was so jarring that it made things worse; they were talking about their job and brunch and the person that they’re dating, and it was so far removed from my reality that it didn’t make me feel less alone. People don’t talk about foreign relationships that much in travel stories.

Dressing like yourself, so underrated as a travel tip! A loneliness that’s very different from homesickness. But the only food options were terrible, bland fried things, and I almost started crying thinking about any other food than that. But also it was incredibly easy for me to meet people if I wanted to. But sex and relationships, that became like my hobby.